Sunday, December 30, 2007


What's more important than TRUTH?

Wear the Xooma TRUTH wristband because you believe in what it stands for:
  • The truth in health
  • The truth in business
  • The truth in life

Be proud to tell people what it represents and we hope you will join us in our quest to help others live in the "TRUTH".

Xooma Worldwide offers an extraordinary opportunity:

  1. The company is #1. Meet the people that make the "magic".
  2. The products are #1. Take a look at the "future".
  3. The marketing support is #1. The "CREW" wants you.

Visit the XoomaCREW website for more details on this exciting lifestyle opportunity.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Xooma: A Golden Opportunity

The Xooma opportunity is flat out, the number one most amazing business opportunity of the 21st century! It's absolutely the best thing you’ll see - bar none.

The company’s solid as a rock, with a proven track record of over 13 years. The stand-alone products are incredible, featuring Xooma’s premier “Xtreme X2O”. Xooma is perfectly positioned beside the fastest-growing segment of the entire beverage industry worldwide - Water! And now with the international launch of “X2O BLAST” - the world’s first HEALTHY water flavoring product - Xooma's future is bright.

No other products offer such dramatic improvements in our health and wellbeing. They revitalize, mineralize, hydrate at the cellular level, balance your system’s pH, and provide extremely high levels of antioxidants. And that's just for starters!

You can also make money by just telling people about it. You can become an entry-level distributor of these high-demand, cutting-edge health products for just $9.99.

Huh? $9.99? Yup, that's right... just $9.99.

That alone is amazing. Think of it. Where else will you find an opportunity to align yourself with a multi-million dollar, highly successful organization, with your own full-blown distribution business, for less than ten bucks?

In fact, your first $9.99 order will provide you with everything you need to get started as a Xooma distributor, including an introduction package of 12 Xtreme X2O “sachets” and a full array of support materials with an audio CD, a DVD, brochures, and other helpful product info. On top of all that, you’ll also receive your own website, where you can direct future prospects, as your business grows!

Those that wish to take advantage of every Xooma distributor bonus plan available will eventually order the $199 startup package. The pack consists of product and business-builder goodies, that qualify you for all the bonuses at this level - definitely a good way to go, for anyone serious about building their business quickly.

And no one will ever ask you for “entry fees” or “sign-up fees” – or any fees at any time, for that matter. With Xooma, you’ll always be exchanging money for products - you’ll never be buying promises of future wealth on today’s empty investment.

Xooma Worldwide also provides extensive online training to anyone that wants it - at no cost. Most distributors quickly understand that very little product knowledge is necessary to earn a six-figure income with Xooma. With drop shipments and streamlined online ordering, no inventory and easy duplication, an organization of distributors can be built in record time. Xooma’s outstanding compensation plan pays record-breaking dollars!

Along with the wealth of information and first class support provided by Xooma Worldwide, when you become a new Xooma distributor through the XoomaCREW website ( you are automatically enrolled as a member of the XoomaCrew Marketing Group.

Free membership is not the biggest plus to becoming the newest member of the “CREW”. With an ever-changing business-builder blog ( and a growing product knowledge blog ( and a website (, “CREW Members” are provided with online “spaces”, where members can share Xooma experiences, marketing tips and other valuable information.

At sign-up, new members are presented with a "XoomaCREW Success Kit", a proprietary marketing plan, featuring professionally designed, custom lead-capture pages, a comprehensive, "hands-free" internet marketing system. Also included are the XoomaCREW lists: “12 Point Action Plan for Quick Success with Xooma”, "10 FREE Sites That Can Make You MONEY in Xooma", "29 FREE Sites Designed to Help You Build Your Xooma Business Quick" and much, much more.

Becoming a successful Xooma distributor with the XoomaCREW is easy, fun, and above all, it's a very healthy and happy way of life.

People interested only in product for personal use, and not interested in the business end of things, can easily set up - and freely adjust - auto-ship delivery. It’s simple to set up online, there’s nothing to maintain, or go out for – it’s delivered right to your door!

Xooma truly presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity. If you can see it too, please don’t wait. Risk the $10 today - you won’t regret it. At the very least, your body will love you for it. (To start your business with a bang, order the $199 X2O Basic Fast Start Pack here.)

Register with Xooma Worldwide and become a Xooma Distributor and newest Member of The XoomaCREW here.

Learn more about the Xooma opportunity here.

Order Xooma Products here.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Plan for Success with Xooma

Xooma Xtreme X2O and X2O BLAST are in a class of their own!

No other products offer such dramatic improvements in our health and wellbeing.

In fact, these products are so unique, they
almost sell themselves!

The key word here is

Fact is, in order to become a successful Xooma Distributor, you'll find it's easier with a little help - and that's where the XoomaCREW can really make a difference!

All new CREW Members receive
a complete business plan at start-up, featuring the CREW-exclusive, "12 Point Action Plan for Quick Success with Xooma", provided free upon registration with Xooma and "The Crew".

As a XoomaCREW Member, you'll benefit in the following ways:

· You'll learn to harness the incredible power in numbers - with the easiest business -building system you've ever seen!

· You'll receive free advice and direction from Xooma’s Top Producers!

· We'll show you how to unlock secrets of the world’s top Internet marketers - and use them to leverage your Xooma business to the max!

· Your registration with Xooma includes a complete website. CREW Members discover the tremendous benefits of maximizing the effectiveness of this site!

· You'll learn secrets to attract hoardes of interested people to your website!

· You'll learn to generate unlimited numbers of laser-targeted prospects!

· We'll show you how to employ an easy, proven, professional approach to your Xooma business - including all the right scripts, ads and props with incredible pull!

· Learn how to quickly become regarded as a Xooma “expert” and take the market by storm with your own, powerful organization!

· Find out never-fail ways to stay focussed - even when you “don’t feel like it”!

Learn all the secrets that most people will never know on how to create tremendous wealth online with Xooma! You'll learn to quickly build an organization of like-minded, driven people using proven, up-to-date attraction methods and step-by-step marketing techniques.

As part of your complete business plan start up package, we will also supply, at no charge, even more CREW-exclusives: the "5 FREE Xooma Business Training Contacts" and the "10 FREE Sites That Can Make You MONEY in Xooma". Also included in the FREE Success Kit are "29 FREE Sites Designed to Help You Build Your Business Quick" and much more!

These priceless, exclusive lists will prove invaluable for anyone serious about building their business fast! And you won't find them anywhere else.

For more information about becoming the newest Member of The CREW, click here.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Makes Xooma Stand Out?

There are so many businesses out there, many of them clamoring to get people to join their "amazing opportunity". What makes this company so different and why does it stand out from the crowd? Here is some solid criteria that is worth noting when looking for a home business that's worth building long term.

1) Does the company have product(s) that are a good value, and worth buying even if there were no business attached?
2) Does the product, or products, appeal to just a few, or is it something everyone, (or at least a large percentage of the population) could benefit from?
3) Are the product or products something informational or relevant only for a temporary time, or will people still need
them in 20 or 30 years?
4) Has the company established a good track record and reputation, or are they entering into the first 1-2 (high risk) years?
5) Does the company have a vision for the future?
6) Does the company make it easy to become a distributor, or is it expensive?
7) Does the company have a pay plan that makes it possible for people to make good incomes without having to develop an organization of thousands?

Read on for comment to the above questions . . .

I've worked from home in Network Marketing since 1996 and have helped build sizable organizations during that time with three companies. One thing I've learned from both positive and negative experiences, is that to create long term residual income a company has to have a product that is needed by the masses and priced as a good value. In other words, people would be likely to reorder it even if they had no interest in the business aspect.

From every perspective I can see from, it looks like Xooma has developed such a product. X2O is unique, patented, affordable, effective, and doesn't require anyone to change habits. People simply enhance the everyday habit of drinking water. By doing that with X2O they will help pH- balance their system while adding much-needed minerals that are essential to our health, especially in this age of depleted soil. On top of that, the company has a solid reputation, has been around 14 years and has already passed the high-risk phase that companies go through in their first 1 or 2 years.

One can become a distributor simply by ordering a minimal order of X2O, or at more advanced levels at their option. On top of that, a new distributor will have a web site they can start with at no cost including video and back office resources.

With the addition of the back office products compensation plan added in January of 2007, it no longer takes thousands of people to develop a substantial income. For people plugged into that compensation plan (optional), you can grow an organization of just 20 people ordering $100 or more of their choice of Back Office products from the Product Catalog to create a monthly income of $400. It would take only 84 people in your organization to create over $2,000 a month, and 320 people would make an income in the 6-figure a year range. Some will see well beyond that.

This is a business that is worth building long term. For example, just ask yourself if you'll still be drinking water many years from now. Many at corporate and in the field are looking at the next 20 years or more because Xooma and it's products were formed with the intention of creating a HOME for people looking to build a future rather than bounce around with the latest craze on the Internet or elsewhere. We live in a day where short-lived companies and opportunities often don't last past 6 months. Many are misled by fast income claims that usually fade as quickly as they came in, if at all.

For those who have stopped dreaming, it's time to envision the development of large organizations and to put daily actions behind the dream. Even though we are growing, the market has barely been scratched and I see the next several years as a window to reach vast amounts of distributors and customers that will build the base for future business to expand from.

There is a LOT of room for those who have the commitment to develop a compelling financial future for themselves while benefiting others in the process.

Copyright & copy; 2007, Tim Wilson, Inside the Xoo (Reprinted with permission)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Xooma Crew and You

If you're hungry for money and financial freedom and committed to your own success...

If you're willing to help others achieve the success you experience...

If you're ready to accept abundant health, happiness and wealth...

...then we want you
to become part of "The Crew".

We're looking to build this already powerful team into a mega force of Network Marketers, that are dedicated and committed to success. With a team of like-minded people, each contributing to the success of all the members of The Crew, we all reap the rewards of "the power in numbers".

Crew members can share valuable marketing techniques and specialized product knowledge saving time and money while helping everyone involved to achieve their goals faster. With The Crew in place and growing, there has never been a better time to take a serious look at the Xooma business opportunity.

Xooma Worldwide, providing quality and proven health products since 2005, has a powerful compensation plan which by far is the easiest in the industry to earn over $10,000 in monthly residual income in less then 90 days. The proof is in the compensation plan.

Xooma's flagship product, Xtreme X2O goes where energy drinks only wish they could go. It re-hydrates you, energizes you, balances your PH and is delivered in pure ionic form, which means it's immediately available to the body upon ingestion. It's a proven, solid product that we can really market the heck out of!

It may also help your body to...
  • Increase muscle and joint mobility
  • Increase your oxygen levels
  • Control digestive problems
  • Manage blood pressure
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Neutralize harmful acids that lead to illness
  • Combat arthritis and heart disease
  • Cleanse the kidneys, intestines, and liver
  • Protect your body from free radical cell damage
X2O is very powerful stuff indeed and by joining our exclusive Crew and Xooma Worldwide you will truly be able to enjoy all its benefits for yourself. With X2O in your body and more money in your pockets you're going to feel better than you have in years!

With all of this...the compensation plan that will make you more money then any in the industry... the potent Xtreme X2O
and the delicious new X2O BLAST... Xooma is a natural to work on together.

As our exclusive team member, you'll MASTER Internet marketing principles to ensure a quick start and longevity with Xooma. You'll have access to tried and tested success formulas instead of old, outdated MLM tactics. We'll show you how to use these completely simple and easy online systems and strategies to stimulate more activity than you ever dreamed possible.

And joining us and Xooma could not be any easier. You can do it for less than $10 and within minutes you'll be equipped with your own website and everything you need to become a successful part of this multi-million dollar corporation!

One important detail: To get our mentorship, our training materials, our experience and to work with "The Xooma Crew"...

You must first follow the simple registration process.

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Join Xooma Worldwide and The Xooma Crew Today For All The Right Reasons

Xooma Presents a Unique Opportunity:

  • 2x12 Matrix plan with GIANT Spillover potential.
  • Get paid over $450 per month with just 20 people in your team.
  • Get paid over $2000 per month with just 84 people in your team!
  • No phony start-up costs with no product!
  • Market a product everyone needs - and wants!
Your "Xooma Crew" will Help You To Succeed:
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  • Put your ad in front of laser-targeted prospects 24 hours a day.
  • Sponsor hundreds of people by writing words and submitting videos instead of making phone calls.
  • Build an army of Network marketers that trust you, like you and respect you.
  • Learn how to build timeless, wealth generating assets that are completely immune to competition and MLM corporate meltdowns.
  • Learn all the secrets that most people will never know on how to really create wealth online with Xooma.
  • And much, much, much more!
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