Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Xooma: A Golden Opportunity

The Xooma opportunity is flat out, the number one most amazing business opportunity of the 21st century! It's absolutely the best thing you’ll see - bar none.

The company’s solid as a rock, with a proven track record of over 13 years. The stand-alone products are incredible, featuring Xooma’s premier “Xtreme X2O”. Xooma is perfectly positioned beside the fastest-growing segment of the entire beverage industry worldwide - Water! And now with the international launch of “X2O BLAST” - the world’s first HEALTHY water flavoring product - Xooma's future is bright.

No other products offer such dramatic improvements in our health and wellbeing. They revitalize, mineralize, hydrate at the cellular level, balance your system’s pH, and provide extremely high levels of antioxidants. And that's just for starters!

You can also make money by just telling people about it. You can become an entry-level distributor of these high-demand, cutting-edge health products for just $9.99.

Huh? $9.99? Yup, that's right... just $9.99.

That alone is amazing. Think of it. Where else will you find an opportunity to align yourself with a multi-million dollar, highly successful organization, with your own full-blown distribution business, for less than ten bucks?

In fact, your first $9.99 order will provide you with everything you need to get started as a Xooma distributor, including an introduction package of 12 Xtreme X2O “sachets” and a full array of support materials with an audio CD, a DVD, brochures, and other helpful product info. On top of all that, you’ll also receive your own website, where you can direct future prospects, as your business grows!

Those that wish to take advantage of every Xooma distributor bonus plan available will eventually order the $199 startup package. The pack consists of product and business-builder goodies, that qualify you for all the bonuses at this level - definitely a good way to go, for anyone serious about building their business quickly.

And no one will ever ask you for “entry fees” or “sign-up fees” – or any fees at any time, for that matter. With Xooma, you’ll always be exchanging money for products - you’ll never be buying promises of future wealth on today’s empty investment.

Xooma Worldwide also provides extensive online training to anyone that wants it - at no cost. Most distributors quickly understand that very little product knowledge is necessary to earn a six-figure income with Xooma. With drop shipments and streamlined online ordering, no inventory and easy duplication, an organization of distributors can be built in record time. Xooma’s outstanding compensation plan pays record-breaking dollars!

Along with the wealth of information and first class support provided by Xooma Worldwide, when you become a new Xooma distributor through the XoomaCREW website (XoomaCREW.com) you are automatically enrolled as a member of the XoomaCrew Marketing Group.

Free membership is not the biggest plus to becoming the newest member of the “CREW”. With an ever-changing business-builder blog (XoomaCREW.blogspot.com) and a growing product knowledge blog (XoomaX2O.blogspot.com) and a website (XoomaCREW.com), “CREW Members” are provided with online “spaces”, where members can share Xooma experiences, marketing tips and other valuable information.

At sign-up, new members are presented with a "XoomaCREW Success Kit", a proprietary marketing plan, featuring professionally designed, custom lead-capture pages, a comprehensive, "hands-free" internet marketing system. Also included are the XoomaCREW lists: “12 Point Action Plan for Quick Success with Xooma”, "10 FREE Sites That Can Make You MONEY in Xooma", "29 FREE Sites Designed to Help You Build Your Xooma Business Quick" and much, much more.

Becoming a successful Xooma distributor with the XoomaCREW is easy, fun, and above all, it's a very healthy and happy way of life.

People interested only in product for personal use, and not interested in the business end of things, can easily set up - and freely adjust - auto-ship delivery. It’s simple to set up online, there’s nothing to maintain, or go out for – it’s delivered right to your door!

Xooma truly presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity. If you can see it too, please don’t wait. Risk the $10 today - you won’t regret it. At the very least, your body will love you for it. (To start your business with a bang, order the $199 X2O Basic Fast Start Pack here.)

Register with Xooma Worldwide and become a Xooma Distributor and newest Member of The XoomaCREW here.

Learn more about the Xooma opportunity here.

Order Xooma Products here.

Visit our website - XoomaCREW.com

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